Make Ready - Area

"We've worked with Mona and ASAP a number of times on SF projects. I've gotten to know Mona quite well over the years doing projects together. She was a project manager at NASA for over 20 years (I believe it's 23 years). Her skills transferred very well to this industry as she became a General Contractor. We've done hundreds of rehabs with many general contractors. One of the beautiful things about working with ASAP is that they are more on top of things, the details, the actual finishing of the job on or under budget.... a lot less baby sitting-- ASAP is more professional than most. Very conscientious and detailed oriented, her quotes are more thorough and accurate. Many GCs quote one thing, and then do add ons--these GC's quote seems great at first, but the final costs ends up being 50-100% higher than the quote. This has never happened with our projects with Mona. She's a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her and ASAP."

- Robert H

Client Reviews

"Mona Preston, the owner of ASAP, has her act together. She handled renovations at three houses for me. She is so on-the-ball that I didn't have to check on anything. She makes sure that the sub-contractors are doing their jobs properly. "

- Chris S

"I have used Mona on many of my rehabs. She does a fantastic job and in a timely manner. I can honestly say I would trust her to do all of my rehabs. Definitely would recommend Mona and ASAP Contractors."

- Nancy S

"I have worked with Mona and ASAP Contracting on a number of Single Family and smaller Multi Family Rehab projects over the last 5 years. Mona is extremely detailed orientated and thorough. ASAP Contractors are reasonably priced, reliable and honest. I highly recommend them."

- Kyle S

I would feel completely comfortable giving Mona a large rehab and then leaving on vacation without my cell phone. She's that good.

- Mark H

Full Rehab - Area

"I highly recommend Mona. I've used her on all of my rental properties so far. The first one I stayed very involved (since it was my first and I was learning). Now I would absolutely trust her from start to finish. She's extremely detailed oriented and capable of handling any obstacles that come up (believe me, we've had a lot). It also helps that shes an investor herself so understands the market and time sensitive nature of the business. Their work is professional, they are extremely responsive, and you won't regret reaching out to them!"

- Tasha F